Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a neurobehavioral disorder, which is characterized by a constant pattern of inattention or hyperactivity. Many studies have found that in most cases the symptoms emerge in childhood and continue to impact an individual’s functioning into adulthood. It has been observed that men are more likely to experience ADHD than women. Women suffering from ADHD have symptoms falling into one of three categories:

Inattentive – It is characterized by problem in concentrating, often losing important items, difficulty in remaining seated, and restlessness.
Hyperactive/Impulsive – It is characterized by restiveness, interrupting, excessive talking and problem in remaining seated.
Combined – It is characterized by hyperactive and inattentive symptoms.

Impact of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in Women

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in young girls is overlooked often, the reasons for which are still not clear. It has been noticed that many females are not detected with this disorder until they become adults. Often, a woman recognizes her own symptoms of ADHD after one of her kids has had a diagnosis. As a woman learns more about attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, she begins to notice many same patterns in herself.
Some women look for treatment because their lives get out of control – they may feel difficulty to keep up with the daily chores of laundry, meals and life management; they might struggle unsuccessfully to sustain the demands of their jobs; their record-keeping and paperwork are often badly managed; and their finances might be in chaos. Other women are successful in concealing their ADHD, struggling bravely to keep up with tough demands by working in the night and spending their leisure or free time attempting to get organized.

Symptoms of ADHD in Women

Men have a tendency to experience impulsive/hyperactive type of ADHD that many individuals link with the condition. However, women are more likely to experience inattentive ADHD. Women affected by this psychological condition find it difficult to focus on chores and pay proper attention to details. Inattentive ADHD could make remembering things and listening to others more difficult, especially in noisy environments like at parties and busy offices. They might be shy and withdrawn, particularly in social situations. Usually, women with ADHD are introverted, preferring to keep away from social gatherings altogether. They look disorganized in their professional and personal lives and often have cluttered workspaces and homes.

Medication Management for Women with ADHD

Medication issues are more complex for women suffering from ADHD than for men. Keep in mind that any medication approach or method should take into consideration all the aspects of a woman’s life, especially the treatment of coexisting mental or physical conditions. Women suffering from ADHD are likely to experience coexisting depression or anxiety along with other conditions such as learning disabilities. As drug and alcohol use disorders are found to be common in females with ADHD and might be present at early age, it is important to look into any history of substance use.
Moreover, medication might be further complicated due to hormone fluctuations across the lifespan and menstrual cycle with ADHD symptoms getting increased whenever estrogen levels dip down. In some situations, hormone replacement may be included in the medication used to treat ADHD.

Other Treatments Options

Group Therapy

It has been noticed that social problems for women with ADHD tend to develop at an early stage and seem to increase with age. Females with ADHD have more self-esteem issues than men with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. As many women suffering from ADHD feel rejection and shame, psychotherapy groups specifically made for females with ADHD might give a therapeutic experience. The healing experience may involve a specific place where women can feel accepted and understood by others in a positive way

Parent Training

Mother is the primary parent in most families. They are expected to be the family and household manager. Nevertheless, ADHD interferes with the abilities of a woman, making the job tougher for her if she has ADHD. Since ADHD is hereditary, a female with ADHD is likely than a female without the condition to have a kid with ADHD, thus increasing her parenting job. Women may require training in household management and parenting aimed toward adults suffering from ADHD. Parent management programs that have been found to be productive in kids with ADHD are also suggested for parents suffering from ADHD.

ADHD Coaching

This type of coaching has evolved recently in response to the requirement among some adults suffering from ADHD for focus, support and structure. Often, the coaching takes place by email or telephone.
With proper guidance and coaching, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in women across the world can be dealt properly, providing much-needed relief to many females. Women should not lose hope, rather they should exercise patience and hope while dealing with ADHD. Many women around the world have actually conquered the ills of ADHD with their grit and determination.

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