Frequently asked questions (FAQ’S)

Question: How may I contact to this company?

Answer: People may contact us through the various modes. We help our costumers throughout the day via phone calls, live chat rooms, and mail. For more information on this topic, please check out our Contact us page for FAQ’S.

Question: What is your refund policy?

Answer: Our company understands the value of your money and how hard it is earned. We promise our customers to refund their money in case of improper delivery (faulty, damaged, or expired delivery).

People can apply for a refund at any time by providing some essential information along with the information on their order. Our supporting staff will react to that as soon as we can.

Question: What is the procedure to place an order?

Answer: People may place an order very quickly by following a few primary steps, just like an e-commerce website. At first, you must visit our site and select the medication you need. After making a choice, you will also have to fill some critical information like your address, delivery method, etc. after this entire process, you will able to place an order.

Question: What is your delivery process?

Answer: We committed to providing you an easy and fast delivery in a limited period. Our company works with some reputed courier carrier like USPS, DHL Express, US postal services, and UPS to make sure a secure and speedy delivery.

Question: What types of medications are available on this site?

Answer: This online meds pharmacy provides you all types of FDA approved medications. Here, you may purchase medicines like Xanax, Valium, Tramadol, Viagra, Soma, Adderall, and Cialis, etc. For more information, please check out our ALL PRODUCTS page.

Question: What are the payment modes which I may use?

Answer: Our company takes all types of transactions; you may use Credit Cards, PayPal, Bank Transfer, e-check payment modes, and others to deal with us.

Question: Do the customers get discounts on this website?

Answer: Our website offers a range of discounts to our customers. We also give seasonal and festive discounts. Patients may get full details of our best deals and discounts offers through our e-mail and messages. They can also contact our consumer support staff to know the best offers for them.

Question: What can I do if I don’t find the answer to my question from this page?

Answer: If you don’t find your answer or you want to ask some other queries, you can talk to our customer support staff at any time throughout the day.

Question: Are the medicines you sell safe?

Answer: Since our website sells only FDA approved medicines, so there is no chance for any additional harm with such medications. We care a lot for the well being of the customers. We sell drugs with proper prescription and provide all the relevant details to our customers along with the medication they buy.

Most online pharmacies require a prescription, but you guys don’t; why?

Yeah, it is the truth that we don’t require a prescription, but it doesn’t mean that we work against the law. In fact, we have a team of specialist doctors who help our customers in providing a free prescription label. In other terms, whenever a customer doesn’t have a prescription to buy medicine, we provide him with a free prescription with our specialist doctors’ help.
It’s nothing more than a special offer from your web pharmacy.